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Hey guys, I am in the process of piecing together a custom-designed machine from AVADirect, and this is the case I have been leaning towards. I was just wondering if any of you have used this case, and if you would recommend it and use it again. I have also looked into the Storm Trooper, as well as the Antec DF-85 and LANBoy (but I am hearing CM outdoes Antec almost every time), as well as some NZXT and Silverstone Raven cases. I don't plan on adding more fans, but a Corsair Hydro H80 (I MAY upgrade to the H100 if my budget allows, not sure if it will be needed or not). If you need to know any other specs of the rig, let me know, and as always, thanks guys!
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  1. I'm not doubting you! I've read that a lot of people have dealt with broken plastic pieces upon arrival. I'm hoping to get more feedback. Which Raven model would be considered the newest one?
  2. The FT02 does look nice, but would definitely put me over my budget, lol.
  3. Lol. Is there a site that has produced charts or graphs or anything that compares thermal differences of cases in their base for (without added coolers or liquid loops)?
  4. I'm using a HAF X now it's a decent case but there are better out there. Just choose one that suits your tastes you've been told the good ones simply get the 1 you like the look of it's you that has to stare at it all day.
  5. Since the Raven is designed for airflow, is a Corsair Hydro necessary?
  6. no corsair hydo gets beat by good air coolers. only go corsair hydro if you have silent fans for it, then you will have a really quiet pc.
  7. Also, how is cable management is the case?
  8. Suppose I get the HAF X, would it be worth it to add a liquid cooler to that one?
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