Best COOLER for am3+ fx 8120

Hi guys, i recently upgraded my system to FX8120 AND i also plan to OC in feature, so want to get the best cooler for it but problems is that i dont know much about coolers.

First of all i thought water cooler are superior to air coolers, but dont understand why couple of air coolers are still expensive then water coolers i cant crack the reason behind it. SO first of all i wud like to know which type cooler of should i prefer?

Second, which is the best for the cpu i use and which will fits perfect?

I was googling bout coolers and found out bout PELTIER chip and PELTIER cooler like COOLER MASTER V10 and i went crazy though its an old cooler but dat mighty beast looks like a perfect dude for dis job, But dunno whether it will fit AM3+ and how is it performance wise?

Am not an intensive gamer do play heavy games. MY max usage is running 3d software like 3ds max, Maya, Zbrush etc, SO the system get really HOT when am rendering heavy 3d objects, particles system and small animation clips etc...

(budget is 100$)

I really want to place the order as soon as possible........
here is the site from wer am gonna buy:



System rig: AMD fx8120
ATI R..HD 6870
6gb RAM
1tb HDD

DIS is my second question after my upgrade and many question wer asked b4 i upgraded my system and was given really helpful suggestions on upgrading my system and i am really happy with it . I thank all those the members for helping me through out.
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  1. [...] f81493d8d2

    But is it gonna better then water coolers ???
  2. tnx recon..... and wat do think bout cooler master v10?
  3. v10 was cool in it's day, but never worked that great. Even when modding the peltier.

    The Assassin is a great cooler. If you want the original/quieter/cooler version get the Noctua NH-D14.

    It costs more though.,3130-17.html

    I'd say it's worth it. Watch out for your RAM though.
  4. I have an FX8120 overclocked at 3.9Ghz I have a cooler maaster hyper 212+ and it keeps my teps at around 46C playing games at full GFX.
  5. so technically u guys suggest air cooler over water right....?

    If it has to be air cooler den i will go with Noctua NH-D14...... and oc with dis cooler ?
  6. only because of your price range, a full water cooling system would be better but for a $100 dollars you would best of with a air cooler.
  7. And is it true that aftermarket AIR COOLER also helps in cooling the mobo?

    and if i had to add few more bugs for a Corsair H80 Cooler


    Noctua NH-D14 (suggested but

    And i have checked the review on Noctua NH-D14 and they wer impressive
    but cudn't get any perfect review on Corsair H80 Cooler as it was being repeatedly compared with h100 and being dumped aside.... lol..

    AGAIN: is it true that aftermarket AIR COOLER also helps in cooling the mobo? O.o O.o coz the bechmark show the cpu & mobo cooling rate together or is it the socket temp ?,3130-17.html
  8. An aftermarket air cooler will cool the upper half of the motherboard as well. You are correct.

    Go big air. You won't find a better cooler than the NH-D14 or that Phanteks beast.
  9. The D14 is a huge cooler, 160mm tall, hence you'll need a case that is around 7.5-8inches wide.
    The h80 will perform just as good as the D14, but will be really loud.

    How about the Thermalright Silver arrow. Its cheaper & quieter than both, d14 & h80, And will perform just as good, if not better. :)

    Btw, How is the Fx 8120 handling your workload?
  10. well Silver arrow also have impressive review :)
    tnx guys but i guess i wud give my first preference to nh-d14 but b4 dat i will have take few measurements if it or might end up with thermalright silver arrow 1 of em are fixed...
    again tnx to all of ya :)
  11. Btw, How is the Fx 8120 handling your workload?

    Well i wud say its nice in fact much better coz i use to work on a dual core athlon x2 and switching to fx8120 is a good experience for me + i have my 3ds software always running and minimized + several other application and tabs and activity are on at same time and it every thing runs pretty smooth and that also in maximum power saving mode + wen am rendering something in 3d software I can smoothly browse online or watch you tube or movie in vlc other player some time i also play C.S 1.6 wen the rendering is on, but all dis is possible wen am rendering something light and pc is on high performance mode.....

    and i hope its gonna get even more better with mild oc
    and runs almost all games well GPU is the main player in dis, still runs out smooth....
    though i still think i shud have gone with fx8150 bit higher clock speed.... but so far am happy with fx8120 and its worth the price paid.


    1) I don't see much of an performance increase in software like Autodesk Maya unlike in 3Ds max & Z-brush and all ....

    2) high temperature using stock cooler.... well dat will be fixed soon....but the temp really jumps off on high performance mode specially wen playing games and rendering particle system or other heavy files dat y i have to keep switching the performance mode.
  12. tnx recon .. cogage benchmarks are killing d14. So its a good cooler.

    but its a brand i have never ever heard about accept its daughter brand of thermalright looks are also similar.....and dont know whether i will find around over here or on any local site.

    so i will stick to nh d14 or silve arrow
  13. and yea silver arrow seem to bit more wider den nh d14
  14. Best answer

    Go for the Silver arrow. Its cheaper, quieter & will perform similar/better than most cooling solutions available.
    Just make sure your case is big enough. ;)

    And thanks for the reply.
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