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I have had this sound card for some time now, using the S/PDIF out with an optical cable hooked up to my Z906 set. However, I want to use a microphone with the sound card (I am currently using the front panel microphone with motherboard audio). But the microphone jack of the sound card is the same as the S/PDIF out jack... any advice on how to do this?
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  1. Well, you might be able to connect teh front panel jack to the sound card; I forget if the D1 has this feature or not. Otherwise, no, you're out of luck.

    In any case, the mic input isn't going to be significantly different between onboard and the D1, so you may as well just use the FP port.
  2. Hmm, when I increase microphone boost, there is a high pitched sound. Is this normal?
  3. Not usually. Might be RF interferance...
  4. Hmm, anyway- the microphone I am trying now is much too quiet. Could this be due to the 600 ohm impedance? Because my headset microphone is much louder..
  5. ...600Ohm Impedance? Yeah...that would do it. No wonder its so quiet...
  6. SO what impedance would be fine for a microphone?
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