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Hello forum users,

I have a question regarding my PSU. Let me tell you a bit about my system first.
I purchased my system in 2008 and never had any trouble with it. These were the specs:

Motherboard: MSI-P43 Neo
CPU: Core2Quad Q9550 2.83Ghz (standard Intel fan, not overclocked)
PSU: Sweex PS021 (400 Watt)
GFX: Asus nVidia 9600GT 512MB DDR3
MEMORY: 2x kingston 2gig 1.8v kvr800d2n5k2/4g

About 2-3 months ago my system went into a infinite loop after trying every trick to get it to work I was forced to buy a new mobo. Prior to this my system had some troubles starting up it usually took about three power on's to get it running but once it was on it stayed on. This wasn't to first time this happened to a MSI board of mine the exact same thing happened to a MSI-945PL Neo. Anyhow I managed to get my system working again and this is how it looks like now:

Motherboard: Asus P5QPL-AM
CPU: Core2Quad Q9550 2.83Ghz (standard Intel fan, not overclocked)
PSU: Sweex PS 165 (650 Watt)
GFX: Asus HD 6670 1GB DDR5
MEMORY: 2x kingston 2gig 1.8v kvr800d2n5k2/4g

My case has no additional system fans.

The changes in hardware are for various reasons as I told before the mobo needed to be replaced. The new graphic card was originally for another system(the 945PL Neo) but since that one crashed it was just lying around unused so I decided to put it in mine. This new card required a PSU with a minimum of 450W since mine only had 400W I decided to take the PSU of 945PL Neo system which is 650W (PS 165).

With this new PSU (PS 165) the troubles started whenever I went to a video service like vimeo the system just died within a minute. This doesn't happen with video services like YouTube (difference in bitrate?) if I keep avoiding sites like Vimeo the entire day the system would just run fine. Anyhow just about two weeks ago our local temperatures went up to about 25-30 degrees Celsius and the system wasn't able to stay on for long times. Sometimes it just randomly died after having been on for 3 minutes. In this case it didn't matter what action I was performing on my computer. The PS 165 PSU was already showing this problems in my old system.

I figured I would have to purchase a new PSU. So anyway my questions are:

-What type of PSU should I be looking at?
-Are the problems I'm getting due to high temperatures of my system?
-If so why does this only happen when I'm browsing certain online video services?
-What role plays the CPU fan in this issue?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. try the 400W psu, it dosent NEED 450W, its just reccomended (im running one that reccomends 500W on a 400W psu)
  2. Thank you for your reply nna2,

    I will go on and try this and post back the results here.
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