Best online store to buy components? (UK)

I don't know if this is the correct category for this question, so sorry if it isn't.

But yeah, the thread title is the practically the question. I would like to know online stores that sell all kind of components but not overpriced at all, maybe if you have had past experience with them before tell me about their shipping package quality and shipping time.

Thanks, iJay
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  1. Personally I use Its local to me so i've always used it for that reason, but i've also come to learn its one of the UK's largest distributors for consumer computer components. I'd consider checking it out. Sam.
  2. I know a quite a few people that use
  3. scan is my favourite of them all

    its fast delivery but you should shop around for deals like said before and even can be quite good for price so its always worth checking which site is cheapest
  4. There is also but there are some dodgy reviews of that place.
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