Will I be able to upgrade my GPU and CPU?

Will I be able to upgrade my GPU to like a R6850 and a i3 ivy bridge (when I can afford it). Here are my specs below... (I know I don't need to show almost everything but oh well)

Intel pentium G850
G.Skill 4GB (1x4GB)
HIS Radeon HD 6770 1GB
Western Digital Caviar Blue 250Gb
Cooler Master haf 912
Antec VP-450 450w

Also I know I'll have to upgrade my PSU and my HDD too. :3 IN THE FUTURE!@#4%$6#@
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  1. Also Will I have to get a entirely knew MoBo if I want a AMD CPU?:(
  2. The ivy bridge cpu's will be socket 1155, but will require a new mother board. You can however upgrade your gpu to a 6850 if you want. The 450w is right on the edge of sufficient for the 6850. I would highly suggest a new psu with the upgraded gpu. And if you want to go amd, yes you will need a new mobo.
  3. To use an amd cpu yes you need a new motherboard as intel motherboards are built for intel cpus and amd motherboards are built for amd cpus. It be like sticking a square peg into a round hole. The info on all the ivy bridge cpus is not out yet and things could change prior to their release. So i would look into them after they have been out a while to allow some price decrease as well as to check the reviews of the cpus as they may not be whats best suited to your needs like gaming video editing and such.
  4. Question, why would I need a new Motherboard for a i3 ivy bridge?
  5. Because Ivy bridge is 22nm technology. Where as the current cpu's that use socket 1155 are 32nm
  6. The motherboard may not be able to handle the cpu and if it will it may need a bios update to use it which will more then likely won't be ready at release. Which is why i suggested a wait and see approach to it.
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