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  1. If i were you id spend 20 more dollars and get the 6870 over the 6850. It performs much better... unless your playing at low resolutions then it might be justifiable. Also id change the psu and get an 80+ certified. other than that looks good
  2. Looks good, although I would just buy a nicer PSU right away rather than wait or you'll just be throwing away $40. Stick to Corsair/Antec/OCX.... +1 on the 80+ certified. Get a 650w for one card or an 850w if you know you're going to SLI for sure. My 650w modular Corsair was under $100 and gives me lots of peace of mind, not to mention its nice not having wires-to-nowhere cluttering my case.

    Also, it looks like that case already comes with fans, so I'm wondering why you're buying 3 more.

    I doubt you'll need more than 8gb of RAM so you're good there.

    Since you're buying the 2500K I assume you're interested in overclocking? If so, make sure you get an aftermarket CPU cooler. The Hyper 212 Evo is a popular and adequate choice for anything on a 4.5 overclock or less and is less than $30.
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