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Long story short my dad gave me a PC that he was having issues with, for whatever reason the CPU would only run at 800MHz when it should be 2.2GHz. Anyways the parts sat in my closet for a year and now I reassembled everything today and I was able to get the computer to boot from DVD but no onboard ports are working. My keyboard does not work in any USB port front or back. I also tried a PS/2 Keyboard with no luck. I know it is not the PSU. I am not sure where to get from here.

ASRock 939Dual-SATA2 Socket 939 Motherboard
Athlon X2 3800
Quality PSU 500W
8400GS PCI-E
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  1. If no ports are working on the computer than its a problem with your mobo. Make sure you have plugged in all the power connectors from your ASRock to your PSU. Usually a 24 pin and a 8 pin power cord. It is possible that your cpu got damaged or fried along with part of the mobo too which is causing these problems to occur.
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