HD6570, A8-3850, F1A75-M, Crossfire Issue

Hello everyone,

I'm a noob and I've built my first machine, everything works well save for one thing. Crossfire. I have all the latest drivers for ccc (11.12). My mb is an ASUS F1A75-M, I have an A8-3850 APU and a HD6570 card. The option to crossfire just doesn't appear under the performance tab, in ccc. I've browsed a few threads with no success. If I was to take a shot in the dark I would guess this has something to do with my bios settings. I was wondering if anyone has some experience with crossfiring APUs & discrete cards on the F1A75-M. All insight would help.

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  1. Completely a shot in the dark here, but that motherboard has two PCI-Ex16 slots. I'm thinking that it only supports CrossfireX using two discreet graphic cards. Again, just a complete guess here.

    -Wolf sends
  2. I beleive your supposed to change the graphics in the BIOS to Onboard, and then switch the VGA/DVI cable to the Mobo.
    You will notice in some games the performance is comparable to the onboard only solution - in this case it is not working with Hybrid Crossfire and for the best perf you will need to go back to discrete graphics.

    EDIT - You can switch the Cable back after you have enabled crossfire on the AMD control centre.
  3. So I guess you tried Crossfiring a discrete GPU to an IGP? Or what do you actually mean? I don't understand :(

    If you are make sure you set the main graphics to 'PCI-E' and connect the cable from the monitor to the card instead of the motherboard. Then there should be a hybrid crossfire option there when you open CCC.

    Note: this is just a 100% guess, it may not work. I never try these hybrid crossfiring
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