Does a CPU produce more heat than GPU?

While cleaning my video card 5870, I noticed that the heatsink of the video card is only 1/3 the size of my CPU tower cooler.
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  1. No, GPUs produce quite a bit more heat under load. On Stock cooling at stock settings you will see you cpus in the 50Sc and your gpu in the 80sC. That's ballpark, but you get the picture.
  2. Net, what if you have a really good cooler on the GPU and its only at 40c? Does that mean it produces less heat then a 50c CPU? If you are only looking at the temp, then you need to take how good the cooler is into account.

    It will also depend on the CPU/GPU. I'm sure I could find a CPU that produces more heat then a low end GPU. But generally, when looking at the top of both CPUs and GPUs the GPU will produce more heat.
  3. SB chip at stock has TDP of 95 watts.....GFX cards much more.
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    It all depends on the TDP, and usually CPU's TDP are lower than GPU's TDP.
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