UT Crashes a lot

I have a problem when playing UT. I'll start a practice session and then after I win(or lose) the game crashes and gives me a long a$$ error. I can't get back into it until I reboot. I've been wondering if this wasn't due to memory problems. Well I know it would help out a lot if I gave you the error message but i don't remember it right now.


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  1. I doubt that it is a memory problem since it crashes in the same place all the time. Usually memory problems have random crashes. Try updating your drivers and your directx if you haven't already.
  2. I'm running windows 2k prof. I have updated to dx8.0a. Heres a run down of my system.

    Tyan Thunder K7 mobo w/ scsi Bios 2.05
    1.2 Mp 266
    36.7 IBM ultra 160
    toshiba 16x dvd
    yamaha 16x10x40 scsi
    SB Live 5.1 platinum
    ATI All-in-wonder 128 pro 32meg
    256 meg pc2100 (this is not registered memory, I have recently ordered (4)256 Registered ECC Crucial sticks, I'm hoping this will solve the problem)
    The board says it only supports registered memory. That is why I think it is a memory problem. It crashes at the end of the game and last night it crashed during a deathmatch. I don't think cooling is a problem, but I could be wrong. I've got a tornado 3002 case and it has two 120mm fans on the side for intake and a 90mm fan for exhaust. If anyone has any suggestions just let me know. Again thanks a lot

  3. I'm thinking it's video drivers or mods.

    Which of each do you have installed?

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  4. Could be video, I'll update those tonight. I haven't installed any mods. The drivers installed came on cd with the card. Is there any know issues with the all-in-wonder and win2k?

  5. Nothing I've heard. rcf84 is a big (huge) ATI fan. Ask him about it. You can click on his name up above to send him a pm. He shouldn't mind helping a fellow ATI user.
    Make sure you have the latest drivers though, that's a good step. If that doesn't help, then download not-so-latest drivers :)

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  6. Fatburger is a genius. Yeah those video drivers worked good. I tried installing the latest patch 4.36 and it told me that my cd wasn't inserted. This is a legal version that i got with my SBlive 5.1 plat. I don't know why it would be telling me that. Any ideas?
    Again thanks for all of the help. UT is an awesome game. I suck so I haven't played online yet.

  7. Did you point it to the right CD drive? And/or are you putting it in the same drive as you installed the game from?

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  8. Yeah,
    I've tried putting it in both drives and pointing it to the hard drive. It didn't work. I don't know. Maybe the problem is that I had a bad disc. I tried installing it from the cd but it gave a data cyclic redundancy error and wouldn't install one template. So I copied all to the hdd save the one template borrowed the template from another ut cd, installed from hard drive and was done. It won't play with out the cd in the drive I originally installed from. Who knows maybe i'll have to go buy the real version instead of depending on the one from sb live.

  9. There is a special version 4.36 for the SB Live version of UT. I think it is called no-delta or something like that. It is about a 32 MB download though...I hope you have a fast connection. You can find it on the creative website and also find links for it on the UT official website.
  10. I'll try that, sorry bout not giving you props earlier, you also mentioned vid drivers.

    I see stupid post. They're posted like everyone else. They don't even know there stupid!
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