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Recently i burned a CD with CPburnerXP and it worked fine in my car stereo and everywhere, not a single problem!

But... Now i want to burn another CD with another band. The files are the same MPEG layer 3 (mp.3) and i use the same method and the same burner tool. But it aint working at all, not in my car stereo or in my home stereo. The only thing i've done is that i've bought new CD's wich are re-recordable (RW). Can this somehow affect it?

I hope you understand the problem! Thanks for future help.
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  1. CD-RW's are notoriously known for being less compatible when being used as audio CD's. If you are using them exclusively to store data you are fine, that's what their made for. Stick to CD-R's and you'll be fine.
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