1 printer or 2?

The two things that I primarily print are black & white documents and photos. I am looking to get a new printer, or two. The cost of the printer does not matter, but I do want a printer with inexpensive printer cartridges (or toner).

For black & white, I want something that prints good quality and fast.

For photos, I want high quality, 11”x14” and decent speed.

Is there one printer that does all of this, or should I get two more specialized printers?

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  1. I don't see why you'd really want 2.

    Umm, a high quality photo printer with cheapo toner? Good luck. If you really want high quality photo prints, you should probably get ready to fork over a little cash for the toner. Start with the money that you save by not buying a second printer.

    Got any more specific information, like prices? I'd love to recommend something like the Epson 2250, which can give great darkroom-quality 11x16 prints (I've got a number of them hanging on my walls, and nobody guesses they came off a printer), but don't know much about the kind of numbers you're working with here.

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  2. Last year I needed a new printer, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to switch over to digital photography or not. I was going to get a basic $80 Epson inkjet for documents (I don’t remember what model), but there just happened to be an Epson Stylus Photo 785EPX next to it on sale for the same price, so I picked it up. I went with Epson mostly because I’ve heard they have the cheapest cartages, but I’ve also heard they are good for photos.

    As far as printing documents, the 785 has two settings: Quality and Speed. Speed is not fast or readable. Quality is too slow and uses too much ink. As far as photos go, I was impressed and I have decided to invest in a better (bigger) printer. I’m willing to spend about $500.
  3. OK, well, if ya already like Epson, the 1280's pretty good and is in your price range at $450. Think they still have a $100 rebate going. I've got the 1250 and like it. (my father and his wife are the ones with the 2200 series) Ink cartridges are listed on Epson's site at $23.70 for black and $28.45 for color. Really good photo prints are going to use a lot of ink, no matter what.

    Stunning, 6-color 2880 x 720 dpi results (on EPSON Photo Quality Glossy Film)
    BorderFree printing prints to all four sides of 4" x 6," 5" x 7," 8" x 10," letter, 11" x 14" enlargements and 13" x 44" panoramas Fine shadow detail, dazzling highlights, and accurate skin tones

    Epson's Luster paper is badass.

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