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Quick favor from all of you that have Windows 7 retail. Would you please see if you can add a printer for either Xerox Docucolor 6060 or Xerox Docucolor 12. The 6060 has a Creo Rip and the 12 a Fiery Rip. Xerox is telling us there are no drivers to use, however they said the same for Vista and I am able to just fine with the Microsoft provided drivers in Vista 64. My Release canidate version does not have them is why I ask. Thank You

PS also the same question if any of you have Apple OS 10.6. Xerox says the same for them as well.
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  1. I think that when it comes to Fiery Rip Win 7 64 bit you are out of luck. We have a Canon ir 3220 with Fiery Rip but no PS drivers for 64 bit, only PCL drivers on the Canon website. Probably a similar situation with Xerox.
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