Building gaming pc ; need help a bit.

cpu- Intel Core i7-2600K

^ if recommened a diff cpu that works as good as that but cheaper let me know

Looking for one but with pci express 3.0 and 2.1 x16 lookin for under 200$

8gb or 16gb will be fine

Videocard-SAPPHIRE 100312-3SR Radeon HD 6950 2gb

System usage- ( Gaming, watching movies, photoshop,surfing web)

Overclocking- Yes, But dont know how to.

Sli/crossfire- No

Monitor max resolution 1920x1080

Website for parts- Newegg, Amazon.


Parts Not needed ( Cdrom Drive, HDD, Powersupply, OS, Case, Keyboard and mouse, screen)
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  1. Yea that was kinda messed up at first i belive its better now
  2. What's the use of your pc? gaming / graphics design etc... You need to list them in order of importance so we can decide what component suit your needs..
  3. for a gaming pc
    these would be fine

    i5 2500k

    asrock extreme 3 gen 3

    1600 corsair vengence 8gb
  4. Alright there lol
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