Morning folks.

I have a small issue - after reading the Perf analysis of SWTOR I am puzzled by my low performance.

I have 2 GTX460 SE 768mb in SLI - Running at 850mhz core and 1950mhz Memory (Putting it on par with a GTX460 768 at stock I beleive)
Running Max Settings with AA@1680x1050
Just for reference - 4gb DDR2 800@952mhz 5-5-5-15 and Q6600@3.4ghz

I see the perf for the SLI'd 460 1gb is over 40fps min with in game AA - mine drops to 20fps.
I get the max frames of around 70fps still, but in the major cities Im dropping to between 25-35fps - Playable of course, but not what it should be!

Surely the disabled shader cores and ROPs will be mitigated by having a 150mhz increase on Core speed and a 150mhz increase on memory - or at least not low enough to justify a performance drop to 20fps. Because Im running at 1680x1050 the Memory Buffer shouldnt be saturated entirely either.

I did note that Toms were using Nvidia forced MSAA x4 - Im currently using the in game AA at max - I may alter this to double check.

Any input would be appreciated


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  1. I think that the bottleneck is the 768 MB of RAM. The problem is that in SLI only the RAM on the main card is available for buffering. I'd be interested in seeing if the 1 GB version is similarly choked.

    If you reduce the AA (and if that doesn't produce the boot youare looking for then lower the rez as well) you should have acceptable results.
  2. 768mb Memory buffer fully saturated at 1680x1050? What has this world come to.

    I have ran some tests, which would suggest my overclocked GTX460 SEs are faster than the regular GTX460@anything below 750mhz core (apparently the extra 48 cores means very little)
  3. The world has come to ultimate graphics. I run into problems running Shogun II at max settings on a pair of GTX 470s in SLI. In order to be really stable I think that I'll be needing water cooling.
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