Athlon 5600x2 Temp for Gaming

Hey Guys, I just upgraded my Athlon 3500 to a dual core 5600x2 on my Asus M2N-E. I started playing Star Trek Online, which is working fine. I'm using the PC Probe program to check my CPU temp. My CPU is between 57-60 degrees. Should I turn on Asus Cool & Quiet? Are there any negatives to turning on cool & quiet, what exactly does it do and will it make a difference.
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    And, it has the added benefit of reducing fans speed when it can. That can make for a quieter machine.
  2. Thanks for your replies. So would you recommend using cool & quiet? Is it better on than off? Should I consider buying a new heatsink and fan, or is 60 degrees fine?
  3. Thanks for the information guys.
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