6850, time for an upgrade

Hi guys.
My 6850 is struggling these days.
I want to upgrade but can't decide what to do.

These are what's in my head now.

1) get another 6850
- cheap
- equivalent to 580
- problem= micro stuttering, some games don't support CF
Q. is there a way to fix micro stuttering problem that everyone talks about?
Q. if many games don't even support CF (GTA4, skyrim...etc) what's the point of having CF?

2) get 570 (cuz 580 is too expensive :p)
- still affordable
- problem = is it good enough? what about 7xxx and 6xx series?

Q. do you guys think 570 is going to last for a long time? Currently, I am interested in playing GTA4 w/ graphic MOD, alan wake, and max payne 3. My monitor is 1920x1080 and I would like to run everything at 60fps.

Q. shall I wait until 7xxx and 6xx series come out? does anyone know how much these new series will be better in terms of performance, power consumption? I got 620W PSU.

Q. what's the easiest way to sell my 6850?
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  1. 1a. - Answer - No, Microstuttering will remain with us till the end of time (or when AMD sort their drivers out, which will cause the end of time anyway)
    1b. - Answer - For the games that Do support Xfire, the 6850 Scaling is beautiful

    2a. - Answer - 570 is a capable card, but the 6970 is better. Which makes the 570 redundant as a choice at all

    2b. - Answer - A single one will last a while - when you start hitting the 30fps low point just throw in another one and go SLI, it doesnt suffer from Microstuttering as badly as Xfire.

    2c. - Answer - Opinion based answer but yes. Wait for the 7950/70. Although they will be priced similarly to a current 580 their performance should be ~40% quicker than one.

    2d. - Answer - Put a post on the Deals/Classified forum on this site if your from the US, or if your like me and from the UK, throw it on Ebay - you should get £100 - 130 for it

    Hope Ive helped!

  2. +1 just to add about some games not supporting crossfire most that don't as release get a patch/driver update within a week that enables crossfire. I personally would go the crossfire route (great value) or wait for the next gen to be released (shpuld result in price drops on current gen. as well as adding more options).
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