What kind of brand/type XPC is this?

Does anyone of you know what kind of XPC this is?


I hope to hear from you.
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  1. Looks like some SFF dell case to me, they are easy to build yourself just grab an Mitx board and appropriate components.

    as for that "specific" case, I can't tell you the exact model.
  2. Thanks for your reply! SFF, meaning Small Form Factor? Makes sense. Ok, Dell you say.. I know it has a i7 860 CPU, 4Gb of DDR3 RAM, a 500Gb Drive and an added ATI Radeon 5550 graphics card, but that's about it. I'm about to buy this thing second hand tomorrow for what I think is a good deal... So that's why I'm trying to find out the exact model. The owner doesn't seem to know...

    Thanks so far.
  3. What do you intend to do with the system? if its gaming you will probably want a gpu upgrade.

    I'll take a look around dells website and see if I can't dig something up. maybe ask him for a picture of the back? model number should be there :)

    Having trouble finding anything on this pc. Might not be a dell, I just looked at the glossy case and power button, they certainly look like dells style though.
  4. I will mostly use it for photoshop / lightroom. So I think it'll be fast enough for that. Maybe a different card later on.

    I did find a picture of the back right here:


    You're being really awesome to try and help me out. On another forum someone told me it's a custom built pc with an apex case. If that's true, then I wonder if I'll be able to find out what kind of mainboard the system has. That's something I want to know, so I can lookup a review..

    Thanks so far man!
  5. Yeah, I tried looking through apexs line up of SFF cases, I found nothing :/ sorry
  6. Looks like the case here

    Appears to be co-branded / same design as the Rosewill... just a tiny bit smaller though
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