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a few weeks ago i bought a gpu for my eyefinity set up i hooke it up an played,
today i went to buy new headphones, went on my pc installed the software and i restarted my pc
when it restarted the monitors are not having signal this is happening for my 3 monitors that a sec before restart was oki \,
I : restarted it a few times
checked all cables are connected good
removed the gpu and put it back on
tried 1 monitor

cant do nothing :( any help ?
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  1. clear cmos and see if 1 moniter works..
  2. tried it but didnt work , i hooked up the old gpu and it worked , coud it be the gpu ?
    hope not i have bought it 3 week ago
  3. i remember after a wwek or so this happed buy i restarted and came to normal , now nothing
  4. its gpu then ,BTW which one is it,and what psu do you use?
  5. power color hd6870 and by psu is x clio
    650w if not wrong supports crossfire

    i used the gpu and all of a sudden this happend
  6. so ur sure thats the gpu not the psu?
  7. and any way that i can repair it?
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