Computer Freezes While Gaming

So I just built my new computer:

I5 2500k
Asrock P67 Extreme4 Gen3
Kingston 4GB(x2)
Crosair TX-650
EVGA 560Ti

I been having a problem whenever I start playing a game it will run fine for a certain amount of time and then it will freeze while looping a sound, I have to do a hard reset in order to get out of it. I looked around online and someone suggested to disable Realtek drivers, so I disabled them and ran the sound through my keyboard (G110), now it just freezes with no sound, but still have to do a hard reset.

I also ran FurMark, I let it run and eventually my system locked up and I had to reset. Are these the systems of a faulty video card?
Everything runs fine if I'm just browsing etc.

All my temps are within normal range for under load. Any input on this would be appreciated!
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  1. I had similar issues with a similar system, but to me the TX650 was the solution (replacing a PSU that was way too cheap).
    Check that the power cable to the graphics card is set properly, and if your CPU is overclocked, you can always try to set it to stock although that shouldn't be an issue if you have the problems with just furmark running.
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