Very Odd Graphics Problem

Hello, everyone.

A fellow co-worker has asked me to come fix her PC's graphics problem.

She says that, at random intervals, the screen will produce strange graphics on the screen. It is as if the monitor blanks out, though it sometimes is blue, sometimes grey, sometimes white. I have yet to go over to fix it, but I have seen pictures of what the screen looks like when the problem occurs.

I was thinking that it was the monitor/monitor cable going bad, but I was wondering if anyone had other suggestions that I should try as well? Aside from checking the card and reinstalling drivers, could there be any other issue?
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  1. Roll back the drivers to previous versions

    CPU/ or GPU is overheating, clean out the case for dust

    Get a new GPU

    Get a new monitor
  2. Sounds like she would not know how to update drivers... but make sure that they are correct for the OS - video card configuration.
    Definitely clean the unit (cheapest fix) and try a new cable or try the monitor then monitor and cable on a different PC...
  3. I have to agree clean out dust inside but need to know what type of system it is cpu, gpu, and power supply etc. there is to much guessing. Plus need to know exactley what she is doning when problem accures, like playing a game or just web surfing etc.
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