Temps on I5 3570k with 212 Plus

So I just installed the hyper 212 plus into my new rig and I am a little confused with the temperatures. While idle in windows running real temp I am in the 30s and 40s celsius of course. This does not seem like a very big difference from stock. However, when I run intel burn test on high or standard for 10 minutes my temperatures never go above 65c. Any input on how these temps look would be greatly appreciated. Ill be keeping an eye on things for the next week or so and depending on the general concensus, I may try reinstalling the heatsink to make sure my thermal paste application is good. Thanks in advance.
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    To test my set up I ran Intel Burn Test or IBT...I ran 100 runs on standard and high to see what temps my cpu cooling setup managed...I run at about 25C on idle and hit about 59C up to 61C using an H100 and 4X 120MM fans in push/pull config.

    Your temps are just fine and right on target for the third gen cpus...and well within temp tolerances...Your max Tj temp is 105C according to Intel and the 60C or so is perfect...see here:

    Those temps sound nice and cool to me and wayyyy below the 105C thermal top limit...

    Hope that helps a bit:)
  2. absolutely fine temps. Keep it maintain
  3. Alright thanks guys sounds good. Was just worried about my idle temps but ill keep running some tests and you guys are right lol, im not getting close to 105c. thanks
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