AMD's A8 APU + compatible discrete GPU=micro stutter?

Question: Does AMD's A8 series APU + compatible discrete GPU still suffer from micro stutter since it's technically a dual GPU set up or is it immune to that with the way the GPUs are set up together?
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  1. which gpu's
  2. for right now all dual card setups can suffer from microstutter. with all combination of discrete, onboard or on-die GPUs. its only noticeable with lower frame rates and noticeing it is dependant on the person, as each person has different refresh speeds from their eyes to their brain. i personally notice it under 60fps but my brother doesnt notice it till its slows down to 35fps.

    this wont be a problem in a couple of years as there is a new way to cache images before they get sent to the monitor but it takes time to implement. i was wishing that the radeon 7k series would implement the new buffering but no mention as of yet. they get "released" tomorrow.
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