Why does my blue colored reset cable say ground?

My reset wire (one of the case wires) has a blue and a white. The white says triangle S and the blue says G. Does the G mean ground? If so, I thought colored wires were supposed to be positive according to this article:


LEDs pass current in only one direction, and positive pins (indicated by a "plus" sign below) normally connect to the colored wire on each lead. A black or white lead wire usually indicates negative or ground state.

Can anyone clarify what is going on?
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  1. The way the computer turns on is the same way that a car turns on.

    When you push the power button, it connects the two wires together with a piece of metal (the power button on the computer, the key in the car) so that power can go in one wire, through the metal, and out through the other wire.

    There is a device at the end of the second wire that checks to see if it receives power and if it does then it attempts to start the system, whether PC or car.

    After that check happens, it doesn't matter where that power goes. It could be routed to many different places to get rid of it. The case wall would be an option. back into the PSU would be one, and through the power cable back into the wall outlet would be another one (combined with #2 option).

    None of this really matters. It doesn't even matter which cord you plug into which slot. the cords are stupid and they can be reversed NP. The specs of both cables are the same and they go to the same place, if you reversed them they would just travel backwards through the power button instead of forwards through it. The same result would be achieved.
  2. Just plug it in and see if it resets, if not, reverse the wires. It really shouldn't make any difference on the reset switch as it's just a momentary contact switch. It's the power switch and HDD LED which are fussy about polarity. Even if plugged in backwards, nothing is going to burn up.
  3. Polarity does not matter on either the power or reset switches.
  4. jsc said:
    Polarity does not matter on either the power or reset switches.

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