Computer wont turn on, no fans moving, blinking blue clr cmos light!!!

hey guys, i have a big problem! Last night i turned off my computer then i switched the power switch off. This morning i switched the power switch back on again which is located behind the computer. Then i saw a blue clr cmos light blinking with the power button blinking too. It's not normally like that, its not suppose to blink. Then i tried turning on my computer by pressing the power button, but nothing turned on Eg. No fans moving, no sounds, etc. I really don't noe wat to do and i don't wanna tell my dad about this because he mite yell at me :C HELP! p.s Its a Cool master tower p.p.s Was it a bad idea switching off the back power after i turn off my computer or should have i just waited for a while to cool down???? =="

Specs (I don't noe that much)
1tb HD
6gb Ram
? graphic card guessing 1gb

sorry that's all i can think of!
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  1. Did you wait for the PC to be fully turned off ( lights off, fan no longer spinning )? If yes, then what you did is perfectly normal and the PC probably have a glitch on its own.

    But if you did not wait for the PC to be fully off before turning off the switch, then it may have caused some corruption in the CMOS that is causing it not to power up. But it is a rare case & my PC always get turned off suddenly due to power failure but it does not cause any problem.

    Whatever happened, I would suggest that you tell it to your Dad & let him have a look at it. It is more risky for you to try to fix it on your own even with the help of the forum if you are not familiar with PC repair. Good luck.
  2. take the power cable out and press the start button a couple of times

    plug the power in and see if its ok

    if not use the clr cmos button--press it--should go solid blue

    then try starting
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