Is my AMD FX-4100 Bulldozer Defective?

Hi, so I've looked around the web to see if anyone else has this problem but to no avail. Recently I upgraded my computer with a new Motherboard and CPU. At first it was working great and I saw huge FPS boosts in all games(namely Crysis) and I was happy. But after a week or so I noticed that in some games my FPS would just drop immensely to around 20 or under. I've been trying to figure out what was causing these problems and I think I've narrowed it down to my new AMD FX-4100. I doubt it is my Graphics card since even before upgrading I never had FPS lag like this. I'm not sure whether my cpu hits a full workload of 100% but it happens most frequent in games like Crysis, and Blacklight Retribution(happens most often in this game). I know it's a problem and not just that my system do not meet requirements, because it would run fine for a while but then every once in a while it would drop past 20 FPS for up to a minute then shoot back up. Its been really bugging me especially since no one else seems to have this problem.

I originally did overclock it to 4.2Ghz on stock cooler but it would occasionally freeze so I clocked it down to 4Ghz for a while. Even now when I returned it to default settings I still experience the problem. Can anyone help?

My Specs:
ASRock N68C-GS FX mATX Motherboard
AMD FX-4100 Bulldozer CPU
Powercolor Radeon HD 5750
8gb Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz memory
Antec HCG-620M PSU
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  1. i suggest watching your temps. get core temp
    and gpu-z
  2. I already have Core temp installed. I just played a round of Blacklight Retribution to test. Min temp. 24' Max temp. 37'. I haven't tested my GPU but once again, I highly doubt thats the problem.
    I don't understand it, it goes from being silky smooth 60fps down past 20fps and then back up again.
  3. i understand its the same gpu as before, i just considered if the 4100 was throwing off a lot of heat and getting the card warmer than before. i didn't realize you had core temp because that also will tell you the load on your cpu.

    updated drivers lately? as much as you may feel its your cpu, a drop in frame rate is most likely the gpu . .
  4. Alright, just tested again. Maximum temp. for GPU was 82'. Avg 32'. I updated the drivers when I upgraded my computer which is around a month ago. Just to be safe I'll try re-updating drivers.
  5. i would like to recommend uninstalling, booting into safe mode and running driver sweeper to make sure you get everything of the driver out.

    then re-installing.
  6. Alright, I've done a clean install after sweeping with Driversweeper and unfortunately the problem persists. All this talk about GPU has got me thinking, could my video card be dying? I bought this card nearly 2 years ago(albeit I didn't use it for around 7 months when my computer broke down before).
  7. nah, two years is not really old for a graphics card. it is not a very powerful card though i have not played BLR so i do not know what you could expect - seeing the system requirements don't seem like it needs much.

    now crysis on the other hand is very demanding . . .

    there is still a few things to try out if you have the patience, i can understand your frustration. if your running fraps while playing, give it a go without and see if it makes a difference; try lightening the load a bit.
  8. recommend clearing your CMOS on the bios. Then retrying everything. Could be something hanging around in the bios from the overclock.
  9. Ive tried turning off everything but the game and it still happens. I think this problem only happens when my cpu usage hits 100% which is pretty often.
  10. Ok ran task manager and it is NOT because of the cpu usage being at 100%. The problem occurred even though usage was at 54% and usage was spread on all 4 cores.
  11. ok, you tried with BLR is there any other games you are playing?
  12. Have you tried lowering your voltage? Unstable voltages can cause many problems!
  13. I tried on both BLR and Crysis, I also played Crysis 2 but it only happened once in that game.I also occasionally play League of Legends but it NEVER occurs in that game. Also if I were to lower the voltage on my cpu, how do I know when the safe point is?
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    DL and open up cpu z. Play in windowed mode and check to see if your cpu is throttling. 4.0-2.0ghz, Since you overclocked your processor you need to disable power saving features and core boost. Did you leave everything on when you overclocked?
  15. Omg you're right! I just played Crysis with CPU Z open and I noticed that when the FPS drop occured my clock speed dropped from 4.219Ghz to 1.418ghz! That was the regular speed of the processor at idle pre-overclocked. When I overclocked I turned off Cool n Quiet technology and Turbo Core. Does anyone know why it drops down to 1.4ghz?
  16. I think I've solved it! I went back into my bios and found an option called "CPU Thermal Throttle". After I disabled it I don't seem to have the problem anymore. Thanks to everyone for their feedback.
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