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This is something I keep meaning to find out about. It's probably a silly question to many, so sorry in advance.

Let's say I have a PC and a NAS. If I have them connected directly to a Router, obviously any traffic sent between the two of them is going via the Router. If I connect a Switch to the Router and plug both the PC and the NAS into that Switch, does all the traffic still get sent via the Router?
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  1. It depends. Traffic won't leave the switch if it's doesn't have to (e.g., traffic directly between the PC and NAS). But if either need to access some device on the router's switch, or the Internet, then yes, they can and will use the router's switch.
  2. Short answer to your question is no.

    A switch keeps a MAC address table so that it knows what MAC addresses exist and which port they are connected to. So when the PC and NAS communicate, the data only exists on those two ports.

    A _HUB_ doesn't have any knowledge of what is connected where, and so when it receives a packet it broadcasts it out to all ports, no matter what's connected.

    If you have another pc that connects to the router directly, and it accesses the NAS then both the router and the switch need to pass that data.
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