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Hi guys guys, can you help me ? I wanna buy a new pc and i have problems to choose a good processor , i use the pc to play video games like diablo, wow and Call of dutty , and to work with 3D and video / image edition.

i gonna spend 100€ - 180€ , and i see this one's
Intel Core I5-2380p 3.1ghz Box Socket 1155 --> 173 €
Intel Core I5-3450 3.1ghz Box Socket 1155 --> 172€
Intel Core I5 2300 2.8ghz Box Socket 1155 --> 178€

can you help me to choose one ? or another like this price ? ths !!
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  1. You can't really go wrong with any of those choices, even so, my advice would be to go for the i5-3450.
  2. Another vote for the Core I5-3450 choice.

    What video card are you going to pair that with?
  3. Asus Geforce Gt 440 1gb Gddr5
  4. I would look at getting a better graphics card if at all possible. The GT 440 is an entry level card at best for gaming. Granted, the titles you listed are not very demanding on the GPU, so the 440 will run those games okay, though not at maximum with 60FPS.

    Your CPU is going to be much, much stronger than your GPU, so if money permits definitely look at something better than a 440. If not, the 440 might be okay for now with the games you listed, but it will struggle if you want to play something that is graphically demanding.
  5. let me understand, i understand that you will buy a less cpu to buy a better gpu ?

    can you recommend me someone ? ( cpu & gpu )

  6. It depends on your budget. Since the games you listed aren't too graphically demanding you probably would be better served overall by spending more for an i5 now and sticking with the 440 if that's all you can afford at the moment. You can always get a better graphics card later, and it might cost you less overall to upgrade your graphics card later rather than upgrade your CPU later.

    If you can put some more cash into this though, definitely consider a better graphics card. Some good midrange graphics cards that are fairly good value right now include the Radeon HD 6850 and 6870. Even cards that sell for about $100 USD like the Radeon HD 6770 or 7750 outperform the 440 by a decent margin.
  7. ths for all , i always think that nvidia it's better than ati , i'm wrong ?

    ths !!
  8. sorry again, i find this GPU
    Sapphire Radeon HD 6770 1GB GDDR5 Refurbished but i think that its for an AMD

    it's better than Asus GeForce GT 440 1GB GDDR5

    i only have this 2 options :S !!

    ths !!!
  9. The 6770 is a considerably faster card than the 440. Even on Blizzard games which tend to favour nvidia, the 6770 would still outperform the 440 by a large margin. The closest Nvidia equivalent to the 6770 would be the GTX 550Ti.

    The only drawback to that card is that it is refurbished, so you may want to check the warranty support on it, this is a card that has had problems and has been fixed. It may still have some reliability problems. Even so, I would still get the 6770 over the 440, it's a much faster card, so you won't be itching to upgrade your GPU nearly as quickly as you would with the 440.
  10. hi , the last question ,

    i read that 6770 it's for AMD or AMD is a component of the card ? this is the text in the official page

    " Now, more people than ever can experience real innovation in DirectX® 11 gaming with AMD Radeon™ HD 6770 Graphics. Expand your visual real estate across up to 3 displays and get lost in the action with AMD Eyefinity multi-display technology. Using AMD App Acceleration, speed up everyday applications and do more than ever with your PC. Loaded with advanced technologies, these GPUs have the power and premium features needed for fully immersive gameplay. "

    ths for all
  11. AMD is the GPU manufacturer. The card will work on an Intel or AMD based system without any trouble.
  12. For consumer graphics cards:

    AMD makes Radeon HD graphics cards.
    NVIDIA makes Geforce graphics cards.

    You can use either one in any computer. AMD or Intel CPU, it doesn't make a difference.
  13. now i found this one , its like hd 6770 wich is better ? ths for all !!!

    Sapphire Radeon HD 5770 1GB GDDR5 Refurbished
    Core Clock: 850 MHz
    Memory Clock: Effective 4800 MHz
    PCI Express 2.1 x16 bus interface
    1024MB /128bit GDDR5 memory interface
    Dual Slot Cooler with Auto Fan Control
    On-board HDMI, supports HDMI 1.3 with High Bitrate Audio
    On-board DisplayPort
    Maximum Board Power: 108 Watt; Idle Board Power: 18 Watt
  14. The 5770 and 6770 are the same card, the 6770 is just a rebadged 5770. The only advantage the 6770 has over the 5770 is HDMI 1.4a support and built in BluRay 3D decoding. None of these features improve the gaming experience. Just get whichever one is cheaper.
  15. ths
    my decision about gpu is 5770 10 $ cheaper

    can you say me what you think about this Mother Board -> Asrock Z68 Pro3 Gen3

    i have 100 $ for this ejjee

    ths !!!
  16. It's a decent budget motherboard. Be careful though if you get the i5 3450, the board may not come with the appropriated BIOS preinstalled for an Ivy Bridge CPU, meaning you'll have to find someone with a Sandy Bridge CPU you can borrow to flash the BIOS to the appropriate revision.
  17. wich is the problem if the motherboard don't have the correct bios for my cpu ?

    how can i know ? i can read in the specifications of the mother board ?

    can you recomend me one mother board ?

    ths for all
  18. If you don't have the proper BIOS revision, the board won't boot at all with the i5 3450. If you want to guarantee the appropriate BIOS revision for an i5 3450, you'll need to go for a Z77 or other 7 series chipset board. Unfortunately you can't really tell which BIOS revision a given board will ship with. Most retailers don't tell you manufacturing dates for their products. The Z68 will work with the 3450, but you may have to take the board to a computer shop to flash the board to the newest BIOS if you can't borrow a Sandy Bridge CPU from someone.
  19. okay i have this 2 options ! what you think about ?

    Asrock Z77 Pro4-m
    Asrock Z77 Pro3

    ths for all
  20. Those two boards are quite similar. The Pro3 is full ATX, so it does have more expansion slots to work with. The Pro 4-m is a smaller MicroATX board, but it has more onboard video outputs than the Pro3 if you want to drive multiple displays using the integrated graphics.

    Since I doubt you'll be using the integrated graphics as you'll have the 5770 for your graphics card, I'd say get the Pro3. The extra expansion slots might be useful if you do decide to get additional expansion cards like a wireless network card or sound card later on.
  21. Hi ,

    finally my pc it's that :

    CPU : Intel Core i5-3450 3.1Ghz Box Socket 1155
    MB : ASRock Z77 Pro3
    COOLER: Arctic Cooling Alpine 11 GT Rev.2
    RAM:Kingston HyperX Blu DDR3 1333 PC3-10666 4GB 2x2GB CL9
    HD : WD Caviar Blue 500GB SATA3
    PS: Tacens Radix V 550W
    GPU : Sapphire Radeon HD 5770 1GB GDDR5 Refurbished

    you think it's okay ?

    ths !
  22. You seem to have everything aside from a case, a DVD drive, and an operating system, but I assume you are salvaging those from an older computer. If not, you'll need those things. You don't actually need to buy a CPU cooler, the i5 3450 comes with a cooler that is adequate for stock operations. You only really need an aftermarket CPU cooler if you plan on overclocking, which you can't do with that CPU, or if you are running the computer in a room with a high ambient temperature, eg. 30+ degrees celsius.

    I'm not familiar with that power supply brand. Any chance you can post the specs and price on that? There are some very crappy power supplies out there that don't deliver what they promise, and can potentially take other components down with them if they fail. One thing you really don't want to do is cheap out on the power supply.
  23. hi there aire the especifications
    the price os 37$

    * 99% efficiency in the active power correction (APFC) for an extremely stable and efficient conversion that compensates for fluctuations in power.
    * High Quality Fan 120mm 12db with anti-vibration system and intelligent speed control TACENS.
    * Green Design 85 + with extremely high efficiency of up to 85% energy saving and long life.
    * Meets ErP / EuP for off-mode consumption less than 1W and policy making to meet the standards Rohs Green / Eco Europeans.
    * Dual channel high power +12 v to yield extremely stable and powerful.
    * The power supply safer with 10 systems including high-security protection.
    * European Engineering and internationally recognized certified safety testing laboratories international
    * Total return 24/7.
    * Ultra long life up to 100,000 hours. Dimensions: 150 (a) x 85 (h) x 140 (f) mm.
    * Weight: 1300gr.
    * price: 37$
  24. Okay, it is a more modern design with an active PFC and dual +12V rails, and it isn't ridiculously cheap, like $15, so it should be okay for your system. The 5770 isn't a very power demanding video card anyway. Assuming you have the case, DVD drive, and OS from somewhere else you should be good to go.
  25. Everything in there looks okay. I don't think the case you selected includes a rear exhaust fan, just a side fan (at least as far as I can glean from my not so great understanding of Spanish). Definitely buy a fan for the rear exhaust port to blow the hot air out of the case, it will help keep your components cool.

    You're going to also need to buy a copy of Windows if you don't have one. You can get an OEM copy of Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit for around $100. I would not recommend using a pirated copy, as those tend to be packaged with all sorts of malware that will leave you vulnerable to having your computer hijacked, identity theft, and all sorts of unpleasantness. They also tend to have things called hypervisors, that monitor all computer activity, they are invisible from the OS and genrally cannot be removed, or are very difficult to get rid of once you have one installed.
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