Question about upgrading my PSU and GPU?

I plan on purchasing a Radeon 5850 1 GB and a Corsair Builder Series CX600 600 watt PSU but first I would like to know if those items are compatible with my current build.

here is current system specs

GPU - Radeon 4850 1 GB
CPU - Intel Core Quad CPU Q9300 2.50 GHz
RAM - 6 GB DDR3 PC3-10600

here is the upgrades I plan on purchasing



Up until now I've been using a stock HP e9110t, the Radeon 4850 1 GB that it came with hasn't been doing to well with the new games like BF3, MW3 and TES: Skyrim. I was originally going to upgrade the GPU only but my PSU was lacking a second 6 PIN connector.
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  1. I see no reason why those would not work, but you are starting to get to the point that the cpu will become a bottleneck(not saying its that bad yet.).
  2. Those two components will be a good upgrade and the cpu is a quad core which will help even more if you could overclock it a bit , try to get it closer to 3ghz.
  3. Hp's do not have overclocking options.
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