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Hi there,
I have a home built system, and the case that I have has a front fan, possibly 180mm(?) (big) but nowhere to plug it in to.
The fan has two cables coming out of it, one labeled as FAN 1, and the other FAN 2. They both have two wires going into each connector, but the connector itself looks like it has space for three pins, but only has two coming out of them.
| o o - | X2 where o is a pin and - is just an empty space, apologies for the rubbish sketch

So, there's two of them, each with two diferent coloured cables going into them from the fan. I can't find anywhere to plug them in, either on the MoBo or into the PSU (I have an ASUS M5A78l-M/USB3 mobo) and the PSU just has molex outputs. Is there a converter anywhere that can convert these two male plugs into one male molex to plug into a female molex from my PSU, and finally have a working case fan. (and if so, could you please post a link for me.

Thank you

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  1. tobster911 said:
    and the case that I have has a front fan,

    I have an ASUS M5A78l-M/USB3 mobo

    and the PSU just has molex outputs.
    What case?
    Take a careful look around the fan to see if there is another power connector tucked up and away some where.
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