Help a noob!!!!!!!!!1

Right so i put together my first gaming rig.

Mobo- Asus p8p67 b3
Cpu- i5 2500k - i am using the stock cooler supplied
Ram- Patriot 8gb DDR3 1600mhz
(This was a bundle package from who said it was completely compatible.)

Psu- XFX 650watt

I havent bought a gpu yet but borrowed an old ATI Radeon 800. I have no hardrive either. (I was just checkin to see if i could get it to bios.)

Now my first problem is when i turn on my Rig it powers up for approx 3sec then powers competely down(the pwer light on mobo stays on) before starting up again and stays powered up. There is no beeps from the rig either

My second issue is my moniter doesnt acknowledge a signal at all from my gpu. the fan on the gpu works fine. Ive tried different connections, placed the gpu in the other pci slot and nothing. i was told that the gpu is compatible. It was a spare from a friend who upgraded.

im hoping that im just a stupid noob and the issue is easily fixed. if its serious break it to me gently and in simple english pretty please.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help.
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  1. First off when you assembled your rig and put your new cpu on your motherboard did you put any thermal paste on the processor to keep it from overheating? This could be the reason why your pc is turning off after only 3 seconds of running. Im not too sure why your pc isnt recognizing your gpu, try plugging your monitor into your stock gpu on your motherboard first to see if you can get a display.
  2. The Fan was coated with thermal paste so i didnt aply any. but ill check it again, and there is no stock gpu on the p67. ill jusy have to buy a different cheap gpu and try that. cheers man
  3. My only other guess is that one of the cables from your mobo to your psu may not be plugged in correctly. I guess your psu could be faulty or doa, but XFXs are usually pretty reliable. Good luck man just keep tweaking around with it.
  4. Do you have both the 24-pin ATX AND the 8-pin CPU power cables plugged in to the motherboard?

    You said you don't have a hard drive, do you have a CD/DVD drive connected? I've run across a couple of PSUs that won't power the system without some sort of drive connected.

    Does the monitor have a source option and if so is it set to the cable you are using?
  5. solve the issue with the powering down on switch on. gonna chase down another graphics card and see where it goes from there.

    fair play lads.
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