Upgrade my 9800gtx+

I'm looking to upgrade my 9800gtx+ and just wondered what you would recommend?

My current spec is...
Intel core 2 quad 2.4ghz
4gb ram
Asus motherboard with sli
750w psu

Would be prepared to sli if that is my best option.

Budget around £250
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  1. Thanks in advance
  2. A few more details

    My CPU is Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 G0 Stepping (2.4GHz 1066MHz)
    My MB is ASUS P5N-T Deluxe 780i SLI Socket 775

    TBH my MB is not very good. I have 4gb ram sitting in the draw, it is supossed to run 8gb but it just causes it to crash unless I lower the speed of the ram in the bios. Also overclocking the cpu is not possible at all, it just causes the PC to crash if I try overclocking the CPU at all.
  3. Wow it is time to overclock your CPU to 3GZ.

    Buy a 560 or 6870 you will get more than double the performance so they will be a great upgrade
    how much are you looking to spend
  4. I've tried overclocking but my MB can't handle it and I have to do a reset. I will be looking to upgrade my MB and processor next year. I will have a look in to overclocking it again I think.

    I have around £250 to spend
  5. It's a little past time to ad another card. You can add a GTS 250 to SLI, but with new cards coming out next month I say you wait a few more weeks (you've waited this long) and overclock your CPU. If you could overclock your CPU Id say get a GTX 560Ti or a Radeon 6950, but at stock clocks I'd say stick to a 6850 or GTX 460. It depends on the game but I think that would be a good match for your system even if they would be hampered by your CPU in some games. There isn't a point in getting anything more without upgrading your platform, though if you're going above 1080p then perhaps a GTX560 or 6870
  6. 9x333fsb will give you 3GHZ after looking around this board seems to have a hard time ocing quad cores. But it is in fact possible


    Read and proceed. You will see a big jump for free or the price of a small cooler.
  7. Hiya, MSI GeForce GTX 570 coming in at about £260 tho a little more Asus GeForce GTX 570 DirectCU II would be my choice as it runs much cooler and with the price droping now mabee u can pick up at great price. GL
  8. Get a 560ti or 6950 2gb They are simply the best cards out there right now for Price/Performance with games. Overclocking headroom is ample and they wont break the bank.

    The 570 whilst a VERY capable card gets overthrown by the 6970 at the same price, so I wouldnt be able to reccomend it.
  9. I have a p5n-d and was using a q6600 B0. That thing would not go past 2.8 ever. Replaced chip with a Q9650 and I got it at 3.8.

    Right now you cant go wrong with video cards. To upgrade a 9800gtx you want to go big. Its better to spend a lot and have buyers remorse and a kick ass system, then spend a little and have buyers remorse because you only got a 5-10% lift.

    I would go 560 or 570 if you want to stick to nvidia, or a AMD 6870 or 6970.
  10. I have an EVGA 9800gtx+ I'm trying to sell if you decide to SLI. Not sure where you're located though, but feel free to send me a PM for more info
  11. thanks for all the advice guys

    I have narrowed it down to GTX 570 or 6970. I will do a bit more reading on the 2.

    Thanks for the advice on the overclocking, I will look in to it. Found out today I have a nice little Christmas bonus today so I'm considering upgrading my mobo and cpu too.
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