CD-R's destroying drives?

OK, I've gone through three Creative 52X CD-ROM drives in a few weeks. After a few days of use, they begin reving up fast and loud, then stopping with a click, and refusing to read properly. Eventually, they just go to crap. Luckily, they're still under warranty.

The problem SEEMS to begin when I use a certain burned copy of an old game. My friend suggested to me that if the CD-R was burned poorly, or the disk was defective, it might cause my CD-Rom drive to vibrate or something, throwing it out of whack. Is this possible?
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  1. Hmm, logically I think it wouldn't make sense. If you can write the CD in your CD writer without any problems, why would your Creative have problems? Most probably your Creative is defective.

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  2. Weird situation. Maybe the improperly burnt CD is causing your CDROM to stress itself out. Does it happen with other brands?

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  3. I had the same problem with a HP USB writer. And to top it off, it smoked (made a bubble in) one of my cdrw's. I had to unplug it, and use a paperclip to eject the disk. Smelled like teen spirit too.

    Grind them under until the warranty expires or creative sends an assassin.
  4. I think I might have figured it out. The CD-R that seems to fry the drives is the one that was in the drive when my first one went bad. I think the first drive that went bad did so of it's own accord, and it got really hot when it burnt out, which COULD have warped or damaged the CD-R. Now I think that damaged CD-R is screwing up my new drives. That'll teach me to play a burned game, I suppose.
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