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hello there im not sure what section to post questions about keyboards in so i guessed and went here, but anyways im looking to get a new gaming keyboard and have narrowed it done some from alot of choices but not sure on a few things.

Well i am looking at a saitek cyborg v7 which i can get for $70 new or getting a refurb blackwidow ultimate edition for $92 or can u suggest another keyboard.

The reason im indecisive about this is, the saitek cyborg isnt mechanical but it looks beastly and has 12 macro keys for me to use plus a bunch of other cool features,
but the blackwidow ultimate is mechanical, only has 6 macros has been told attracts alot of finger prints and ive been told it is loud

So would the extra lifespan of the razer balcwidow be better than the cyborg and which one is a better keyboard in general want for at least the next 5 years before i have to replace.
thanks for your time bye :hello:
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  1. Unless you are a hardcore WoW player (or something similar) you don't really need to spend 70$ on a keyboard.

    IMHO a total waste of money.
  2. I like the Microsoft Sidewinder due to its placement of the macro buttons far enough away from the tab button that I'm not accidentally pushing one rather than the other. The backlit keys are just right, and the cushion towards the bottom is just the right size for me to set it in my lap while I recline with my feet up.

    There's something to be said about quiet don't want to be on vent hearing extra loud tapping.

    I wouldn't worry too much about fingerprints.

    It's going to be hard to find the keyboard you absolutely love without physically trying them, so look at the pictures and do your best to imagine using it and pay attention to the reports of loud keys.
  3. thanks for the input on that the things i like about the two i listed are the aesthetics/ features more so on the saitek, but the razer draws me to it becuse it is mechanical and those tend to be better made and last longer but i was also looking at the sidewinder too if it comes done to it and money becomes an issue i def get one a sidewinder
  4. I Agree With The Man Above, But Even A Hardcore MMORPGer Dosent Require Spending That Much On A Keyboard. You Just Need A Good Quality One. I Have Found That Dell OEM Keyboards Are Very Solid And Reliable And Can Take Alot Of Abuse, However The Actual Best Keyboards Ever Are The Old IBM Variety Of Yore Because Of The Mechanical Keytronic Switches Worth Well Over A Million Keypresses (With I Am Dying To Find) In Fact The Only Things Worth A Crap From Dell Is The Keyboards And Monitors.
  5. Why did you capitalize every word?
  6. well the reason i was probally thinking of the razer blackwidow is becuse it is in fact mechanical and rated for around 50million keystorkes which is alot by anyones standard and would last easyilly 10 years till you need to get a new one that was my only concern about get the saitek cyborg was it wouldnt last that long becuse it is not a mechanical keyboard
  7. Mechanical keyboards can be quite loud and the Razer seems to be among the louder of the bunch. A good friend of mine uses one for SC2 and its like listening to an old fashion typewriter on skype. You eventually tune it out, but I prefer a quieter keyboard myself.

    The questions I would ask are:
    What type of games do you typically play?
    Do you need a mechanical?

    If you play a lot of RTS games, the Razer is pretty great! If you're an FPS fan, then I cannot see going wrong with the Cyborg.

    The Razer and Cyborg both seem to have a good following, perhaps you should dig around your local shops to test them and see if you like the feel of one over the other.
  8. I wouldn't worry about whether the keyboard is mechanical. 10 years, really? You will have so much buffalo wing sauce, coke spilled, cat dander, and youknowwhat on that thing by 5 years that you will want a new one anyway.

    Just get the one that helps you win games today. In 10 years the USB plug won't even work on your new mobo anyway.
  9. Just got my first gaming keyboard, and strongly recommend it. Microsoft Sidewinder X4. It has anti ghosting for 23 keys simutaneously, backlit keys, and 18 macro keys. I only paid $47 on newegg last week. I love this keyboard.
  10. I bought a blackwidow ultimate but returned it because it was too loud. Although a few of my friends told me that people who are used to membrane keyboards press to hard on mechanical keyboards. I got a G110 on sale for $50. I'm pretty happy with it although I wouldn't pay fullprice for it($90).
  11. so from what everyone is telling me get a microsoft sidewinder x4 i do like the way they look i might get on now, but i was planging on getting a deathadder with the other keyboards should i get a deathadder with the sidewinder or should i get a naga mouse ??? i do alot of mmo gaming i was just wondering if the thumbpad on it is good or not???
  12. Atotalnoob said:
    Why did you capitalize every word?

    I Have OCD, Its A Thing
  13. hella-d said:
    I Have OCD, Its A Thing

    I looked up the program OCD and couldn't find it.
  14. Can't go wrong with the Logitech G510
  15. Quote:
    I looked up the program OCD and couldn't find it.

    Cant tell if troll or should go back to school :lol:

    I gotta agree with catatafish on this one. I think by the time your 50 million key strokes comes around you'll have been wanting a new keyboard waaaayyyy before.
  16. Quote:
    I looked up the program OCD and couldn't find it.

    I hate to bust in here just to laugh.. But Lol... First time i've laughed at something on the forums in a long time.. Btw.. If you're NOT joking..

    Obsessive-compulsive disorder is an anxiety disorder in which people have unwanted and repeated thoughts, feelings, ideas, sensations (obsessions), or behaviors that make them feel driven to do something (compulsions).
  17. I was 99% sure that was just hilarious dark comedy. I LoLed, out loud.

    Funny on multiple levels regardless.
  18. I recommend logitech G series keyboard, like G110 or G510. Both got macro ability and are backlit.
  19. only reason im hesitant to even touch one of those boards is becuse they mostly only let you hit 2 keys at once which is awful considering my old dell basic keyboard lets me hit 4 at once, plus the microsoft sidewinder lets you hit 23 keys at once there is no need for that its just cool lol but id prefer 4 keys plus
  20. btw hilarous joke, unless your not jokeing in which that case its just yah...
    but thanks for all the input guys
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