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Hey guys, i wanted to know if i should wait for piledriver release or should i just buy the intel ivybridge. im still not certain if piledriver is going to be better then ivy bridge, but if it is then i most certainly will get piledriver over ivy bridge. So my question, is piledriver going to be better then ivybridge?? Thankyou
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    You'll have to wait until they start releasing them,
    with both Bulldozer and IB we were promised amazing chips and the hype kind of killed the product,
    if you need a system now, grab a SB or Ivy build, if you can wait, see what Pd brings to the table
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  3. Right now it really doesn't seem like Piledriver is going to be much better. Some things will be fixed and it probably will have some performance increase over Bulldozer but it's not going to close the gap or pass Intel on performance. So to answer your question no there really is no point in waiting because in the end the Piledriver will still get beaten out by Sandy Bridges and Ivy Bridges.
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