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Battle field 3

i have a 4890, 8gb ddr3 1600, athlon ii 270 (3.4ghz @ 3.6). im thinking about buying battle field 3. i know this pc could run it but could i max it out at 1280x1024 with no AA ??
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    BF 3 is a very CPU demanding game just as much as it is GPU demanding and it's fully optimized for 4 or more cores.A dual core is the bare minimum for the game to run.It seriously won't even start on a single core.Every benchmark I've seen has all of the dual cores completely maxed out.With such a low resolution it will require the CPU to do even more work.You can definity play the game but you won't max it out.

    Is that your monitors native resolution?
  2. yes that is my monitors native res :( so with a lower res my cpu does more work? i can push this cpu to 4ghz stable if that will help any. thanks for the quick feedback
  3. maybe try an amd 955be cpu as they can be had for a bargain right now
  4. true, but with my power supply (500 watt) it would need to be upgraded. so ill wait a little more till a new line of cpus come out before upgrading
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