Not my first, Just want opinions and ideas

I am just about ready to order parts for a new build, as soon as my current computer sells.
Just wanted to get an opinion on everything. Most likely wont change anything unless there are any extreme objections to any of it.

Mother Board:
Video Card:
Power Supply: (overkill but its a steal)
CPU Heatsink:
And fans just because:

I am going with an orange/red theme. Already have monitor/mouse/keyboard/hdd/disc drive/etc.

Also, here's my computer I'm selling right now in case anyone is interested
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  1. Nice build!

    I have a slightly different reccomendation for your PSU though, I know you want to keep the "red" theme, but seasonic makes pretty much the best PSU's around:

    850W PSU, silver certified 119.99. Not as "powerful" as the one you listed, but I would take quality over quantity.

    Edit: Are you sure you want RAM with such tall heatsinks? It might interfere with your CPU's heatsink.

    Edit 2: Here is some RAM that's definately compatabile with that motherboard:

    Plus it has a low profile heatsink on the RAM - and is a blue color - which might contrast well with your red theme.

    Here is your RAM compatibility guide: Extreme4 Gen3
  2. I agree with the quality over quantity but I really like the looks of that PSU and amd willing to sacrifice a little. However, I may end up buying a really good quality psu that isnt red or orange, and just paint it myself.
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