Faulty power supply?


Is my power supply faulty, see below

Hardware monitor
1.31 Volts (CPU VCORE)
4.02 Volts (VIN1)
3.33 Volts (+3.3V)
6.80 Volts (+5V)
12.61 Volts (+12V)
-6.14 Volts (-12V)
-16.19 Volts (-5V)
6.42 Volts (+5V VCCH)
3.34 Volts (VBAT)

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  1. Those readings have the 5V too high (4.75V-5.25V is the tolerance range) and your 12V is a little high (11.4V-12.6V is the tolerance range). Don't worry about the -12V or -5V. You may be getting innacurate readings from HW Monitor. Your mobo mfr likely has a utility that allows you to monitor voltages; I would download/use it. Is your system stable?
  2. What PSU? What are the rest of your system specs?
  3. Hm yes the system is not stable. After i check with asus pc probe, the 3v and 12v voltage seem to fall within tolerance range. Maybe something else heh not sure
  4. My psu is silverstone strider 560w. other pc spec amd phenom 2 710, asus 785g mobo, radeon 4850, 2 hdd and 1 optical drive and thats about it.
  5. That asus probe, is it a real multimeter or a software solution?
    The software meters are not always accurate. If those readings are accurate though, then yeah you probably need to see for a new PSU.
    the important readings are just too high.
  6. asus probe is just the software meter for the mobo. The reading from my first post is from HWMonitor.
  7. Nice PSU and more than sufficient for your system. Are your temps good? Have you recently updated drivers, windopws update or made any hardware changes? Looking for a change in the system that may be associated with your instability...

    What are the symptoms of your instability? have you checked your system event log for errors?
  8. No change whatsoever. I kinda dunno what to see from the event viewer so many error haha
  9. Under heavy load, they system is not stable at all. the system doesnt bsod, it just froze with random color and restart. Sometime i need to turn off the power supply before i can switch the pc back on
  10. You're looking for system events that are immediately followed by a system shutdown/reboot.
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