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SLI Question (gtx285[460] and gt9800)

How do i go about using my gt9800 as a physx card only while using my GTX 285 and my soon to be GTx460, which will replace my 285, is this possible?

Looking at my Nvida CP I can set my physx processor. Would I simply install my GT9800 and select it to be my PP?

Merry Christmas :)
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    Honestly, I wouldn't waste my time with Physx, it makes no difference unless you play incredible amounts of Mafia II (ironically I do) or other titles; there are really not that many titles today that support it. It would be more of a waste of power than anything.

    If you are dead set on using it as a Physx card, then yes, all you would do is set the Physx processor to the 9800GT.

    As a side note, 8800GT/9800GT Nvidia cards make great gifts for those who are starting out on gaming and have nothing to go off of. Its still a good card today.
  2. Yeah - it's that easy. But it doesn't require an SLI bridge, just plug it straight in.
  3. I play a lot of BF3, SCII, and SWTOR. I was told it would help a lot with BF3 performance. SCII I run perfectly and SWTOR I have frame rate issues just due to my 285 being older, the 460,i think, should give me the boost i need to play with shadows and BF3 on ultra.
  4. BF3 doesn't use PhysX, I think... SCII runs on most GPUs newer than the GTX260 with no trouble. What holds that back is the CPU - nothing short of a 2500k can keep this game running intense battles with no lag. In fact, I have noticed nearly no difference between my old GTX460 and my two HD6950s.
  5. If BF3 didn't use that I would be shocked. I guess Ill just wait till I get my 460 and see what performance increase i get. Thank you all for your help!
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