Is msi gt 520 2gb ddr3 good for playing latest games?

Is msi gt 520 2gb ddr3 good for playing latest games?

is msi gt 520 2gb ddr3 good for playing latest games. is it as par with 9800gt? i want to play games like assassin creed relevations, gta 4, forgotten sands, farcry 2, cod black ops etc.

Actually i didnt find any decent cards in the market for my budget of NRS 4-6 thousand.i wanted to buy 5570 or 6670 but no stock aviliable in the market. only got ati 5450 or gt520 for 5k and 8400gs for4k . although i got nvidia 9800gt 1gb ddr3 for 4k it is manufactured by a Chinese company named folon?

which one should i buy msi gt520 2gb or msi ati 5450 1gb or folon nvidia 9800gt 1gb. i am willing to buy 9800gt (for $50) but it is manufactured in china. does china manufactured cards perform well?
which cards should i buy among above three? and plz don't suggest other cards that are not available or beyond my budget.

thank you
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  1. What kind of settings do you want to play games on? I'm not particularly sure, but I would say the 9800gt would be the most powerful of the three. Even that would struggle in BF3 and those kinds of games though... I have never heard of Folon, if that's the actual branding I would say no, but lots of cards are made in china. The thing here is that none of these cards are actually very good at all, the 9800 was a great card in its time, but the other two are just consumer cards, not gaming cards. If you HAVE to get one now, I would say the 520, just because I have never heard of folon. But it's worth saving up to try to get hold of a higher end card.

    This is a graphics card hierarchy chart that will list the cards from best to worse and it looks like the 9800 is going to be your best shot unless you can find one of the cards above it on this list. I wouldn't count on it playing the latest games very well , and the only chance you have of that is to get two and run them in SLI , but it sounds like that might be over your budget. You could get one now and save up and get another later on.
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