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I just did a upgrade to a asus sabertooth z77 which suppose to run cool due to the extra 2 small fans that flows air under the armer that covers the hole motherboard .. Now i choose to use my old case the antec 900 because it has outstanding air flow in the case...Now i also picked up the intel LC cpu cooler that hooks up at the back of the case..Now that the case has good air flow does it matter much if I have the Rad fan using air from the inside the case...I'm afraid if i have the fan pushing air through the rad into may case ill be filling my case with warm air plus that air will be meeting the air flow from the Two front fans so wouldn't that in a way create dead air..I hear its not good to have air intakes from both ends mind you i still have a 200mm 2 speed exhaust fan at the top of the case..And maybe i should add i won't be overclocking my cpu and my Pc is in a cool location..
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    Try it! We won't know the differences between each setup. You won't know until you try it yourself.
  2. I agree with amuffin. Give it a shot. The 200mm fan might negate any "dead air" because the radiator fan is so close to it. I bet you'd be ok.

    Try it both ways and see which is cooler, then use that.
  3. The only way to know fir certain is to try it.
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