CPU and GPU issue !

Just got that processor , but the fan is VERY noisy , i mean it , its RPM about 6k-7k when idle , and same when gaming , heat it 40-45 idle and about 50-60 when gaming , same as my sapphire HD 6770 OC'ed , so it normal for the stock fan to run at 6-7k and are these temp reading good for me case ? notice that my room temp's between 30-40 ( i live in cairo ) , and my i have a cooler master 333 with side , front and back fan , i disable cool n' quiet feature , and i use EPU-4 engine
p.s. when i set the EPU to power save mode , i get low fan and temp reads , and no noise , but no gaming as games run too slow , so is it affecting the GPU to set the EPU between high performance and power save mode ( EPU doesnt read or affect the GPU ) ?
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  1. What is this mystery cpu? Why would you turn off cool n quiet??

    50-60c sounds perfectly normal.

    If the fan is too noisy, get an aftermarket fan like a coolermster hyper 212+ or 212 evo.
  2. cool n' quiet + EPU 4 engine .... conflict ??
    oh and i have another question
    if having 2x HD6770 with CFX , loads will be divided on each , and temp will be less than having one card ( when playing )
    thanks for your answer .
  3. what about 2x Sapphire HD6770 OC edition with vapor cooling chamber , maybe its enough cooling , and what about "cool n' quiet + EPU 4 engine .... conflict ?? "

    Thanks again for reply :)
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