Best cpu to pair with HD 6570?

Hello, i recently got a hd 6570 ddr3 garphics card as a gift from a friend of mine who upgraded his gpu to better one.
I want to buy a low cost pc for around 200-250$ without dedicated gpu and throw that card in.
I need to decide which CPU to buy for that PC, my budget for CPU is around 70-80$.
What i m considering atm is an A6 3500 from AMD and G840 from Intel, which would be a better buy with this GPU.
I think that G840 is better in terms of processing power, but if i m not mistaken a A6 3500 has an HD 6530 which can be crossfired with HD 6570, if that is true i will probably get the A6 3500. Main thing i will be doing with this PC is playing skyrim @ 1280x720p.
I will overclock both gpu and cpu if possible.
Also if someone can recommend a good mobo for those CPUs it would be nice.
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  1. G840.
  2. G840, that will leave you with more options later on. You could crossfire the 6570 with the AMD however the processing power is lacking and wouldn't last into the future.
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