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Do you need a VGA cable for graphics card

hello ive recently purchased a graphics card online, a sapphire radeon 6770.

do i need a vga cable?

or can it run off the motherboard without it?

will i still see the graphics even though there is no vga cable running from graphics card to the monitor???????

ps yes i know the graphics card is dvi, but ther is an adapter that comes with it, if i actually need the vga cable
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    You need to, because if it's not you don't get graphics signal from the card.
  2. where can i find one for cheap?
  3. You can use a DVI cable, or a HDMI/DisplayPort if you have them on the card... VGA isn't the only way.
  4. is the dvi cable the cable that connects the monitor to the computer?

    im sorry if thats a stupid question?

    and if thats so, can i just switch the connection over to the graphics card rather that the computer?
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