Sitecom Wireless Card constant d/c on 802.11g

I have purchased a Sitecom Wireless PCI card WL-121 about half a year ago. Setup up a wireless home network in my house on my PC running Windows XP SP2,to use my laptop on ad-hoc. Worked pretty well the first couples of months. But when i went away for couple of weeks i come back to find out that whenever I used the card on 802.11g, i get constant disconnection on my laptop, even on another laptop which proves it might be from the PCI card itself. When I switch my Laptops to 802.11b it is rock solid.
Contacted Sitecom but they do not seem to be cooperative or willing to help in anyway. I do feel sorry for buying this card but I spent alot on it, I am not throwing it away.

DO you guys have any suggestions that can help me to figure out this problem?
by the way I noticed that when I have a consistant transfer running through the network it will remain connected, if there's no transfer the connection keeps disconnecting.
Is this a comon thing, I am very puzzled and confused.
Thank you in advance.
you can check the pci card:
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  1. Check your power savings in Device Manager.. make sure "allow this device to be turned off to save power" is not checked.

    You might want to consider changing Wireless channels to 1 or 11 if you're on 6.. should there be any interfernce from others around.
  2. riser
    i have already tried this but i still have the same problem. I noticed that if i keep the connection busy with transfer it remains connected. but when i stop it disconnects even though i have save power mode off!
  3. How old are the cards? If they were some of the first G cards that came out, there could be a problem with going ad hoc.

    But make sure both cards have power management turned off.
  4. riser the cards are 6months old. They are 100+g technology from Sitecom
    I did turn off power management for the card.( I am using only one and linking my laptop to it, i even tried with the other card and have the same problem).
  5. New drivers were released March 18th, 2005. Have you tried them? If so, try dropping back to the V2 release of the drivers.

    Under their FAQ regarding this adapter:

    Q: I keep losing my Wireless connection under Wndows XP?
    A: This could be caused by the Wireless Zero Configuration service. To disable it go to control panel, click ‘Administrative Tools’, then open ‘Services’, scroll down to the ‘Windows Zero Configuration Service’, go in to it’s properties to disable it. You can manually configure the Wireless adapter, by going to the adapter properties in network connections, click configure, all configurable options are listed under the ‘Advanced’ tab. Please note that if you disable the Wireless Zero Configuration service, you will not be able to configure the adapter through the Windows Wireless tab.

    Ok.. other than apparently this hardware is crap. The website is horrible, user forums are disabled indefinately.. and it's listed under their Support forum.

    I don't think you're going to have much luck in fixing your problem if the drivers don't fix it and/or disabling WZC doesn't help.
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