Netbook will only play a game once

I have just purchased a netbook for my daughter to help with her homework. We can access the BBC ks1 bitesize web pages, we select maths and choose a game to play- the game loads and we can play. However when we try to play the game again we get a ank screen
with no loading icon and the game will not open. Guess it is not a website problem as it works on the iPod and laptop but suspect it is a prolem with the netbook factory settings - any ideas?
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  1. i suggest you post more info. I'm unfamiliar with the game you're referring to but it sounds as if the games are played in-browser, yes? If so, please tell us what browser you're using. Whichever it happens to be, I further suggest you try in an alternate browser and see if anything changes. And if you're using internet explorer... well, don't ;-)
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