Which of these 2 full towers is best?

Hey all, I'm having some trouble deciding between these two cases. They both seem good and the Cougar has a sweet price but not sure if it's as good at the Thor V2.

Cougar Evolution Full:http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811553002 $90
Rosewill Thor V2:http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811553002 $120

I will also take suggestions for other full cases. My budget is $120. Preferably I'd like them to fit my 2x 120mm blue led fans I have :).

Thanks in advance!
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  1. You linked the same item... Must have mixed up in copy & paste... :)
  2. i don't like both of them.for $120,nzxt phantom new egg exclusive version would be my choice-
    this case has almost everything yo expect from a $120 case.great looks,cable management,enough space,cooling and a lot more-

  3. Wow, really nice case but the extra $15 in shipping cuts it off as a choice unfortunately. Sucks I can't get it :(.

    So anything else you can recommend that's $120 with free shipping or under? Or is one of the cases I linked good enough?
  4. Sweet! I'll get the black phantom then. But I see it as $130 not $120.

    I read issues on it with a big cooler and not being able to attach a 200m fan on the side. I would like to put on 2x 120mm blue led fans in the case, will I be able to do it? I have a coolermaster v6 gt, which is a large cpu fan.
  5. you don't need to put a fan on side.you can put your fan on top ;)
    and here's black with green trim for $120-
    EDIT:yes phantom will easily fit your V6 GT
  6. Does the top allow for 2x 120mm fans?
  7. in fact it allows for 2x200mm!
  8. Ah okay. So I assume there are screw slots for 120mm?

    Also what exactly makes this case better than those 2 I linked originally, want to make sure I get a good case :D.
  9. yes you can mount 2x120mm fans on top.things that make it better than both of them-
    nzxt is a reputable brand.
    phantom is one of the most popular case.
    looks really cool and costs less.
    enough room to fit heavy setups,high airflow with up to 7 fan mounts.a lot of a hard drive mounts.
    over all better.
  10. Okay, good, thanks! How is the water cooling support on it? I also noticed it is labeled as E-ATX, what's that mean?
  11. depends on your modding talent.phantom is one of the prettiest watercooling case.you can do wonderful things with-

  12. Wow, nice!

    Two final questions (I hope) for you hellfire.
    I. What does E-ATX mean?
    II. Does that case have SSD support? I bet it does, but just in case.
  13. Answers-
    1-Extended ATX,it's slightly bigger than a normal ATX board and most likely they do have more expansion slots.phantom supports both ATX and E-ATX motherboards so no worries here.
    2-hell yeah.
  14. Sweet, in love with the case man, thanks for the suggestion. I thought alienware had nice cases, these NZXT cases blow them away.
  15. Hellfire, the very first picture you posted, the white lights, what are those and where can I get them?
  16. Hellfire, for those NZXT sleeve LEDs do you have to use the PCI connector or can you just use the molex? I think I don't want to control the brightness or anything.
  17. molex.
  18. Ok. And if I use PCI, it's just standard PCI slot right? I saw a video of an installation but couldn't get a close up of the ports.
  19. yes it is a standard pci slot.
  20. Ok thanks. I hope the Blue LEDs shine a lot through the fan grills throughout the case. Not sure if I should buy some if the case doesn't have a clear side panel window. What do you think?
  21. you can also buy side panel for phantom afterwards-
  22. Ok, thanks. With that you sacrifice the fan that goes on that clear panel though right? (The big fan).
  23. yes you have to.
  24. That's fine, I'll have to think about it :D.
  25. good luck ;)
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