Best brands for each component?

What's the best brand for GPUs?
What's the best brand for RAM?
What's the best brand for PSU?
What's the best brand for cases?

Based on quality, durability and efficiency.

Don't know what Sub-category to put this in so I just chose CPU.

Thanks, iJay
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  1. bit subjective what is meant by best to one person may not be to another

    but heres my opinion

    gpu--asus , msi ,evga,xfx

    ram--corsair,gskill, patriot


    case--corsair,silverstone,coolermaster,lian-li ,

    others as well but thats a few to go with
  2. Since you are a Newcomer, I'll assume you are thinking about building a system to do something. What do you want to do? How do you plan to use the system? Is it a gaming system? A CAD workstation? Just reading email and surfing the internet?

    The reason I'm asking is that there are hundreds of components, and many types have specific uses. A CAD workstation may well work better with a Quadro video card, while a gaming system would better use a high-end AMD or nVidia GPU. Many of us like the brands we use because we have a long history in building computer systems, and those brands have worked well for us. The reason I'm saying this, is the questions you are asking are often asked by "trolls." If you are new to this, google "troll." They are people who like to start with seemingly innocent questions, but are actually trying start a conflict between posters who like one brand against those who like another brand. Each is called a "fanboi." Google that one, too.

    Tell us what you want to do with your system, and we can help you decide what the best performance and price points would work best for you.
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  4. Legit question? Oh well, here are my preferences:
    PSU- Antec, Seasonic
    RAM- GSkill, Corsair
    Cases- Lian-li, Antec, Rosewill

    You building a system, or just looking to ruffle some feathers?
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