Motherboard/CPU upgrade/replacement?

Currently I'm working with a Intel desktop board model DG33FB with an Intel Core2 Duo processor. Equipped with 8gb DDR2 800 memory. Windows 7 Home 64bit on 120gb SSD. I am mainly using this computer for CS6. I'm noticing that it's pretty slow on processing and am considering that perhaps it's time to upgrade the motherboard/CPU. If I move up to an Intel Core2 Quad processor would I see a significant boost in performance? Are there overclocking options that I can take advantage of that might improve performance, or would it be advantageous to just upgrade both motherboard and CPU. Obviously the latter would be the quickest way to solve this problem....however, would like to see if there are other options.
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  1. Getting a Core 2 Quad would be a good option but so would a motherboard+cpu+ram upgrade. It kind of depends on how much you can spend.
    Overclocking your current CPU could also give you some benefits but it will not be that noticeable
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